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Cutting edge game theory enables you to Know Your Client with ease.
Our patent pending technology, incorporating the latest econometric science,
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Your client is your benchmark

It seems obvious, but you must know your client to defend your advice, fees and customize solutions. Our Economic Fingerprint™ and FitScore™ technology measure what matters to your client and determine the alignment between a client’s naturally occurring preferences and your investment recommendations. Sorted.

Balanced Fund
  • 37.8%Domestic Stock
  • 21.7%Foreign Stock
  • 21.3%Domestic Bond
  • 13.2%Foreign Bond
  • 6.7%Cash
  • 0.2%Preferreds
  • 0.1%Convertibles

Globally validated

With major innovation awards in over 6 countries, our sole purpose is to advance the science of understanding clients today and to allow our industry to thrive amid the changes of tomorrow.

Scientifically verified

Dr. Shachar Kariv, is a global innovator and Chairman of the acclaimed Economics Department at the University of California Berkeley. As Chief Scientist of Capital Preferences, his research and inventions are helping thousands reach a deeper and accurate understanding of their clients. Leveraging our team’s breakthroughs in game theory and econometrics, True Profile is the only profiling method to achieve publication in the top scientific journals of the world and to be tested across the most robust research panels in academia.