Your client's Life Priorities
and Funding Plan, sorted

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What are your client's
Life Priorities

Know your clients’ Life Priorities™ with precision. Allow them to resolve their own internal conflicts. Then demonstrate your deep understanding, value-add and ability to personalize their investment funding plan using these intuitive results.

Ease into retirement

Start a family

Goal Priorities
Life Priority
  • Ease into retirement 52
  • Home purchase 24
  • Start a family 16
  • Hit the books 8
* Up to 6 goals can be traded-off
Funding Plan based upon a
$10,000 contribution
Funding Plan
  • Ease into retirement $2,500
  • Home purchase $4,200
  • Start a family $1,200
  • Hit the books $2,100

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Our technology reveals not only what you should know, but how confident you can be in what the client shared.

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You can customize each clients’ goal planning experience.

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You will master the science of compromise by helping clients solve for what their true priorities are in just a few clicks.

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Goal based plans
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Our goal profiling solution integrates seamlessly with risk profiling to produce product FitScores that consider the both the risk suitability and the achievement probability of your model solutions.